4 Errors That an App Developer Must Avoid
Dec 8, 2016

errors4 Errors That an App Developer Must Avoid

Mobile Application Development is booming. There are many professionals and amateurs who want to take the trend. In fact, everyone is interested in the development of the most popular and best-selling mobile apps and thus reaching the excellent income. On the way to success, however, it is necessary to consider the experience of other people, which can be a great help in the development of a mobile app.

Below are 4 common errors that an app developer must avoid.

  1. Too many functions

One of the first mistakes an app developer can make is to use all the built-in features of the mobile devices in their apps. Smartphone’s and tablet PCs that are available in the market nowadays are equipped with such cool things as acceleration sensor, circular instrument, camera, GPS , Etc .; However, it is better to keep a close focus on very specific ways of using mobile devices. It is not important how well your app can look; it may not be saturated with all conceivable and unthinkable functions.

  1. Complicated UI

The UI (User Interface) must be intuitive, easy to use and factual. Consider your end user. An average consumer is not a geek. Consequently, make the interface not too complicated. Users prefer mobile applications where each screen, button, and function is fairly well-defined and user-friendly. In addition, App’s design must include a good color scheme that works in environments with different light: sunlight, dark rooms, nighttime, etc.

  1. Lack of adequate testing

When your app is completed, you need to fully check its functionality. If it is not adequately tested on real devices, there may be several bugs and performance issues. Release of the app on the market with bugs can bring a storm of users complaining and low ratings. The process of error removal can be exhausting and time-consuming, but the game is worth the effort. Therefore it is very important to check and verify.

  1. Only one language

Language localization is one of the things that app developers know they need to make it. Give your mobile application a global audience, where you can open it up in English, but also in other languages, and thus open up new markets. Explore and designate your potential end users in different countries, and set up languages into your app.

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