5 typical errors in Mobile-UX design
Dec 6, 2016

Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile UX Design5 typical errors in Mobile-UX design – and how to avoid them

5 typical errors in Mobile-UX design

Most of the time, it is not the actual development of an app that decides whether the users who downloaded it are actually using it. Of course, it also plays an important role in the success of an app, but it is primarily the user experience, which is the decisive factor in success (or failure).

For app developers, this means avoiding the typical UX stumbling blocks in app design to generate users – and thus conversion. But what are typical UX sources of error in app creation?

Error 1: Skip Testing

The proverb “You cannot see the forest in front of the trees” also applies to the app development. You know your app, of course, inside and out, but only because you know exactly what works, the actual user is usually not the case.

This is why it is essential to have your app tested by other users, to capture their impressions and to eliminate possible sources of error as early as possible. For this purpose, one should consider, above all, the three components network environment, device targets and test types.

Error 2: Assume that users know how the navigation works

The first impression counts – especially in a competing market like the app market. This is why the user experience has to be optimized for this first impression and not simply assumed that a user knows how an app works. Guidelines or tutorials, such as inline hints or screen overlays, can help familiarize users with the app and prevent them from leaving the app because they cannot serve them.

Error 3: Mobile UX and Web UX confuse with each other

Actually, it should be obvious: the Mobile Experience is different than the User Experience on the Web because users interact differently with a mobile device. This must also be kept with the app design in the back, just as regards the design of the user interface. Especially the display size, the navigation and the user behavior play an important role; In addition, not all desktop users are familiar with using Touch.

Mobile Apps Developers

Error 4: Neglect the creation of an optimized checkout process

Especially for apps, which take place transactions – be it the purchase of clothing or bonus points in online games – an optimized checkout process is essential. The user experience of the user has to be as simple and uncomplicated at this point, because otherwise many users leave the app without completing the purchase.

The navigation, the call-to-action button and the number of steps required to the successful conclusion of the purchase should therefore be kept as clear as possible. Likewise, different payment options help ensure the smooth running of the checkout process.

Error 5: The UX does not monitor properly

There are numerous analysis tools that measure both the basic metrics of the app and the user experience. These insights are particularly important in order to locate and correct sources of error.

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