Activate Feature for Specific List [Special Case]

Normally, when one wants to activate a particular feature to specific List in WSS then s/he will have to create a specific list by feature itself and then would have to register the feature to that List by Registration ID.


But Recently, I had a special case while developing our in-house Module MOM. In that, I had already defined my custom List through the Site Settings–> Site Libraries and Lists –> Custom List. But then there was a need for a feature which was only to be applied to this list. The feature was to add an Item [Email Again] to the Edit Control Block of that List. So, To solve this problem we followed steps below:

  1. Created a custom content Type for the Site with no columns.
  2. Created a Feature for the Edit Control Block Item.
  3. Activated the Feature on the custom content type created earlier.
  4. Now, From the Web Front End, In the List Settings, allowed the management of Content Type for that specific List.
  5. Then, Added custom content Type to the Specific List and made it the default content type and removed the other content type [Item] which was there by default.
  6. Customized this content type for this specific List by adding the columns which were defined for the specific List.
  7. Now, User can only create an item in that specific List with the new custom content type and the feature is already activated.


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