Problem with AJAX popup extender and CollapsiblePanel in Opera
Nov 9, 2008

Opera randers HTML page bit differently then other browsers which will put your ajax popups off center. The hot fix to overcome this issue is to user Y property of PopupExtender and move the Y lower enough to get displayed properly. This fix will put other browsers in problem so check the browser in your code before you make this shift.

Another issue i found in opera was with CollapsiblePanel, by mistake i specifice the image control without ImageUrl property. Rest of the code was working properly but in Opera the image of colleps and Expand was not getting displayed and a place holder was shown. To fix this we added ImageURL property with default value and it worked. Actually opera seems not getting easy with an HTML element property access via Javascript if that property is not present in the HTML of the page. In our case SRC property was not getting rendered due to missing ImageURL property.

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