Android Alternative Keyboards
Jan 5, 2017

Android keyboardsThe 5 best Android Alternative Keyboards

One of the best Android keyboards: GBoard – the new Google keyboard

Google has its on-site and pre-installed on many smart phones and tablets “Google Keyboard” retreaded, equipped with new functions and in GBOARD renamed.

The Google Keyboard been counted Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the better software keyboards – with the update to GBOARD is again better. In addition to the usual standard options like glide writing, auto correction and word suggestions, the app supports multiple languages at the same time.

Another new feature is the built-in Google search, which lets you search and send information, animated GIFs, emojis, and other items directly from your keyboard. GBoard should be the best solution for most users.

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Swiftkey – Android keyboard with many themes and possibilities

Swiftkey heard now already a classic among the Android keyboards and has undergone numerous iterations. A few months ago, the app was completely reworked and equipped with new functions. The personal text prediction has been improved and you can write all the words without having to tap or wipe them. Auto correction can recognize different languages – even if you write in the text in several languages. Five languages are supported at the same time. Emoji support is also on board, of course.

The Android keyboard is customizable by means of themes that are now completely free. You can also adjust the keyboard according to your wishes in size. An interesting alternative to Swiftkey is the vintage keyboard classics Swype – but the app seems to have seen better days, because the last update (in July) is also quite a while ago (December 2016).

Fleksy: Fast and universal Android keyboard

Fleksy is a relatively new player on the keyboard market, but has received many positive reviews in the Play Store. This is hardly surprising, because the app can be quite impressive, especially since it stands out from the crowd by special characteristics. A lot of the actions are done by gestures: wiping the keyboard with the finger to the left side clears the last written word. The wipe to the right confirms an entered word. Use scrolling up or down to scroll through the list of word suggestions.

But this is by no means all because in the top row an optional number series is shown to you, a wipe to the side shows you shortcuts to your most frequently used apps, which you can manage yourself. Moreover has Fleksy a search function, Search with her to animated GIFs or emoji, and these can share promptly. Themes and other customization options are provided by the keyboard.

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Chrooma: Slim and good

Another newcomer in the Android keyboard world is Chrooma. The app offers a lot of practical features – from writing via wipes to keyboard size adjustment, a one-hand mode (left or right), activatable by simple gesture, to night mode. The keyboard also has a series of numbers with a wipe emojis and quick access to tools such as “Select All” and copy / paste.

The keyboard can also be changed according to your own color preferences, but by default the keyboard background adapts to the color of the active app. Chrooma also has a number of premium features that allow you to personalize your keyboard and synchronize settings across devices. All functions of the app you can unlock with 2.49 euro.

Minuum – the smallest of all Android keyboards

Minuum, 2013 as the start crowd funding Kampa Gene, is now successfully represented on the two major mobile platforms. The keyboard app is characterized by its compactness, since the keyboard is minimized to only one line, so the name is also standard. Thanks to so-called “Sloppy-Typing” (almost sloppy typing), you can tap almost wildly, thanks to smart word correction, and the keyboard still recognizes what you wrote.

The app supports two languages at the same time and offers smart Emoji support – without it apparently no more. Minimum requires a certain learning curve, but thumb tippers are likely to have their true joy in the keyboard. The app also offers a normal keyboard mode; the input via wiping is (yet) not possible. After all, wiping the keyboard to the left clears the written word.

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