Benefits of Microsoft Azure
Aug 6, 2016

Microsoft AzureMeet the benefits of Microsoft Azure offers your company

Azure is a service provided by Microsoft which was previously known as Windows Azure. The function of Azure is basically internet-based computing or usually known as cloud computing which helps in sharing the files and information to any individual or a group of people. You can absolutely boost the output of your business by using Azure. It can save both time and money for a business oriented person. The major services which are required in IT sector like IaaS and PaaS is made available by Azure. It is among the top ranked platforms for cloud computing in the world. The more you use Azure, the more you will start loving it.

Azure, the cloud platform of Microsoft, currently offers a collection of integrated services – processing, storage, data, networking and application – businesses, which help them move faster, get more and save on each of its processes.

So if your company or business includes not integrate cloud services, here you say how is Microsoft Azure can bring great benefits and savings in the short, medium and long term.

  1. Adaptability. This platform allows you to have cloud services hybrid manner. Thus, data storage, backup and recovery are more efficient and economical and suit the requirements of your business.
  2. Flexibility. Azure supports any, language, tool and framework, either operating system Windows , Linux, SQL Server, Oracle, C # or Java. In addition, your company can also benefit ecosystems Windows and Linux and create excellent applications and services that run on any device.
  3. Functionality. Another benefit offered by Azure is that companies or businesses who hire have a service level agreement with availability of 99.95%, continued technical support and timely service status monitoring.
  4. Savings. The companies only pay for the services that use Azure. Billing per minute and the commitment of Microsoft to match the prices of competition for infrastructure services (such as processing, storage and bandwidth) implies that always will realize greater savings.
  5. Mobility. Azure runs on a global network of data center run by Microsoft, expanding into 13 regions, which gives an extensive variety of options for running applications and ensures that its customers always receive a good performance.
Azure Cloud Software Development

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