Business Models

Business Models

Prakash Software is just adding facts to the faith in the global IT industry that India is the best option for offshore software development. We are industry leaders in providing IT consultation services and customized application development for global customers.


Our focus always remains on the needs of our customers and utmost care is taken to ensure that work is done, managed and delivered in the way the client demands. We understand that customers come with a specific thought of what they want and how they want things done; we at Prakash respect that and see to it that this is addressed with full attention by our team.


Offshore Development Center: An area of specialization for Prakash Software – also known as Managed Development Center wherein the focus is on those customers who are well aware of the long term benefits of setting up their own development center but do not want to get in to that for several known reasons. We at Prakash help them set up, manage and expedite this process with ease of hand and have seen satisfied customers in this sphere over the last decade.



Staff Augmentation: This is another widely used model of business wherein we help our customers to choose dedicated staff from a pool of very technically sound resources for a fixed period of time. Our resources are adept at working seamlessly with the clients’ existing team, either at our location or client’s location as suitable for the client making them high in demand for this business model.



Fixed Cost Outsourcing: Many of our esteemed clients like working on a Fixed Cost Pricing model as they are able to provide a complete scope of work to the tiniest detail which has its own set of benefits like a controlled budget most importantly. Prakash Software believes that Fixed Cost Outsourcingstill rules the roost and will do so for the coming years in this industry. At the same time, we also let our valued customers hire programmers in India on an hourly basis which is usually a testing phase of our capabilities and gradually moves on to our well known IT Staffing Solutions.


While we give our clients the flexibility to choose the business model, our benchmark with regards to quality of work, adherence to timelines and smoothness in project management & delivery remains constant on every project undertaken at Prakash Software.

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