How to Bypass Blockers of Ads on WordPress
Sep 26, 2017

How to Bypass Blockers of Ads on WordPressMany consumers today are very reluctant to see advertisements on their website. Wall Street Journal reports that there are at least 26% of Internet users in the US who use a blocker (or even blockers) of ads. There are 22 billion dollars lost by online advertisers in 2015, due to ad blocker software.

Google also, previously announced that Google Chrome will incorporate this year a native advertising blocker. While Google Chrome is the most used web browser to date…

All this to say that as a blog owner or WordPress sites, your best source of income is very much threatened. You may have optimized the placement of banner ads but nothing happens. This is because users do not see them.

How to bypass these ad blockers?

In truth, these ad blockers were designed with the best intentions. By deciding whether or not to block advertisements, the consumer personalizes his user experience. Is not it a good point to report more conversion?

But it’s always frustrating to know that you’re spending a lot of time and money to offer good content to your dear readers, which ultimately does not return you the elevator. However, there are advertisements that are not annoying, both for the user and for the blockers of advertisements.

Sponsored articles

These are almost ordinary items. Except for one important detail. Someone pays you to publish it. This kind of article is sometimes used to promote any product.

Blocked Content

It’s your turn to block something! If you have enough important content to lock, do it! Your visitor will then have to subscribe to a premium account to obtain these precious texts. This is ideal if you have some e-books to share.

Affiliate Program

A bit like sponsored items, but it’s your income will depend on the number of customers you have sponsored for the business.

Some plugins to bypass ad blockers

Here are some plugins to “bypass” ad blockers.

Open Source Web Development Services

Option 1: to appeal to the goodness of Internet users

It is the most opted. The plugin will then display a small word to your visitors to disable their advertising blockers. Simple but effective. In fact, the majority of Internet users do not intend to ruin you in the end. There are plugins like Plugin Ad Blocking Advisor or Ad Blocker Notify Lite for this.

Option 2: Plan B if the ad is not displayed

Is your advertising not displaying? Okay, it is not serious. We will put conversion tools that you will choose yourself. This is what Ad Blocking Detector offers.

Option 3: Manage your ads yourself

As the famous card of the monopoly said: “(…) do not go through the box Departure (…)”. Yes, it’s so true. Do not go through networks like Google AdSense to find advertisers. Manage your own board and design ways to advertise on your site and you will be more difficult to detect. Moreover, the Plugin Ads Pro Plugin ensures that it is 100% secure with AdBlocker.

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