Chrome 52 for Android

Chrome 52 for AndroidChrome 52 for Android now faster and more efficient with videos on the web

Google has made available to download version 52 of Chrome for Android devices, featuring improved video playback, loads faster, and of course, consumes less battery.

On Android, Chrome 52 version of web browser will make video playback feel smoother than earlier and also reflects speed and power efficiency. Web video is although huge, with over a billion hours played in Chrome every week on sites such as Facebook, Amazon, The New York Times, Netflix and YouTube, and the https// really want to make users viewing experience great, has released Chrome 52 on Android.

As we know, mobile devices are becoming more powerful, leading us to perform tasks such as viewing videos available on the web, among other possibilities. Unfortunately, these devices batteries last long lasting and have not yet reached the time when the batteries provide greater operating autonomy.

In this sense, we look for possible ways to treat the batteries can last longer without thereby damaging the possibilities and time of use of the devices themselves.

In this sense, Google announced the release of version 52 of Chrome for Android with improvements in video playback available on the web. According to the announcement, playing videos now is smoother, enabling faster loading them up to 5 times, and what is best under lower battery consumption.

In this way, Chrome wants to become an important ally of users who often watch videos on the web through their mobile devices, improving both speed and energy efficiency when playing.

Moreover, Google adds video playback can now also work in data saving mode, saving up to 50% of data offering a lighter version of these videos.

Google suggests that this improvement will be noticeable, especially in the short videos in which, according to the company, are most videos available on the web. Also it accompany the fact that many sites and platforms are moving to HTML5 for video playback, which will improve the experience of viewing videos on the web overall.

The new version is now available through Google Play Store.

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