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Oct 20, 2016

Cloud Computing ServicesCloud Computing Services for your business

Scalable solutions Depending on your needs

Enhanced Data Integrity with cloud backups

Flexible accessibility of your data

Cloud: Secure, simple, future-proof

Work Location-independent and still have access to all relevant data to facilitate collaboration within your organization, archive documents safe and legally compliant – the cloud makes it possible. With our cloud offering, expand the capabilities of your existing IT fundamentally – increased safety and accessibility including. Before we implement cloud services, we explain exactly at what points you this technology will help. Not only here, we rely on full transparency: With us, you always know where your data is stored and who has access. Protecting company data is a top priority for us. With our services from the cloud combine new ways of working with a high level of data security.

Cloud backup, cloud server, and Co: services that adapt to your business

A professional cloud solution does more than just store data: Discover the many uses of the data cloud for your business and our on tailored services:

Data backup in the cloud

Data security and protection, combined in a modern backup solution: With the cloud to protect your data optimally against losses and unauthorized access.

Email Archiving

Leave archive your business emails pretty sure protect against losses and make them accessible from anywhere. With the cloud, you are on the safe side.

Cloud provider with added value for companies

Many small and medium enterprises to use cloud computing, but are undecided in choosing the appropriate cloud provider. What cloud services are suitable for the business? How secure is the data in the cloud and where it is stored? What is the exact value of the cloud for the daily operations? We will tell you. As experts in cloud backup, cloud servers, and other services we offer viable and efficient solutions that are tailored to your business. Quick you will be clear: Cloud computing need not be complicated or insecure. We provide no bulky standard solutions. We go exactly one of the claims of your company. Our cloud services are flexible scalable and adapt to your needs. Setting up your cloud workplace or the cloud server, we assume just for you, as the maintenance and ongoing support so that you can take advantage of the cloud easily.

Cloud services: facilitate risk minimizing, cooperation

The cloud offers numerous opportunities to develop your business. By outsourcing data, applications and IT systems in secure data centers to not only minimize the risk of data loss but also save time and monetary resources. Working with cloud services allows employees a cross-device, location-independent collaboration. By email archiving, they provide a compliant and secure storage of business mail that cannot be lost even if hardware fails. Our IT experts can advise you on choosing the right power for your business and serve as a contract for cloud computing aside.

Cloud Consulting Companies

Our other service-services

In addition to our cloud computing solutions, we have developed additional services to boost your business with a secure and sustainable IT. Learn more about our services in the areas of IT security, IT infrastructure and IT support:

Cloud Support Services

IT Support

Whether it comes to IT systems in the workplace or the server: The following services, which will ensure that your IT anytime functioning optimally.

IT security

Protect what’s important: with our solutions for IT security, we offer optimal protection for your corporate data and IT systems.

IT infrastructure

 IT environment supports your business. We support you in building a stable and powerful IT infrastructure that suits your business.

Prakash Software Solutions PVT LTD. Offer a wide range of services to their clients all over the globe. We successfully delivered projects i.e. software development, cloud computing solutions, SharePoint development solutions, mobile app development and Microsoft technology solution to our Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia Clients.

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