Cloud Products Development Services
Nov 4, 2017

Cloud Products Development ServicesCloud Computing and virtualization allow the creation of virtual machines and the use of cloud-based services. In order to develop applications in the cloud, it is necessary to specify in what way it is going to be carried out, there are different ways in which the cloud can be adopted, which are:  

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): It refers to the capacity of processes and storage. In this environment, you can deploy your own applications that for reasons of cost or lack of knowledge we do not want to install in our own company. The supplier is responsible for its management and for the client all expenses are converted into variables (only what is used is paid). Example: Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): Provides the necessary tools and options to have space where the company’s applications will run, that is, an application server and a database. The main objective is to install them correctly and then execute them from that place. To incorporate PaaS, certain restrictions must be taken into account depending on the provider that the company contracts to have this service. The main idea is to have a complete platform that is managed as such service.

Software as a Service (SaaS): It is a specific application for an end user that makes a payment for the determined use of the software. The great advantage of SaaS is the provision of the software as a service which does not require users to acquire proprietary software), install, configure and maintain it. Example: Google Docs, Zoho or Office365.

Why develop software in the cloud?

Cloud computing and virtualization makes it easy for development teams to seamlessly combine multiple developments, test and production environments with other cloud services. Here are some advantages that the development of software in the cloud entails.

Tests in real time. Each time the development test is done, it will be validating that the development is going well in the cloud.

Improve the customer experience. No need to create anything special, you just have to give the address of your server and can give opinions about the software.

Schedule from anywhere. You do not need to depend on your laptop or a physical machine to enter your code, you can program from anywhere you can imagine.

Cloud development platforms

Here are some development platforms in the cloud:

Google App Engine

Google App Engine allows you to create and hosts web applications on the same systems with which Google applications work. Google App Engine offers rapid development and deployment processes, and simple administration, without the need to worry about hardware, patches or backups, and effortless expansion. Find out why developers choose App Engine.

Zend Developer Cloud

Zend Developer Cloud is a cloud-based environment designed to help you develop faster and more efficiently. It includes a robust PHP stack, advanced debugging capabilities, collaboration tools and much more.


One of the best Cloud PaaS is available in private clouds simple, elegant and modern way to develop and deploy applications. Unlimited applications within 2 GB of RAM, up to 8 instances of 100 MB service per MySQL or PostgreSQL instance.


It is the PaaS self-scalable and free of a network. As a platform for applications in the cloud, OpenShift manages the stack so that you concentrate on your code.

Cloud Products Development Services

Prakash Software helps you bring your product vision to life in the cloud. Or we can take existing products to the cloud. We will take on a consultative role and help when and where you require it, from engineering to lifecycle management, to helping with tech support, and more. We focus on products, so you can focus on business.

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