why cloud storage is worthwhile for companies
Dec 8, 2016

Importance of Cloud Storage5 Reasons why cloud storage is worthwhile for companies

Especially for small and medium businesses online storage services such as are Microsoft’s OneDrive always attractive. The decisive advantage of corresponding services is that no superfluous investments are made and no know-how has to be built up. In addition, customers only pay the space they need.  From Windows Observer has taken the issue somewhat more closely and introduces 5 Reasons why the cloud storage worthwhile for companies.

Just pay what you really use

The growth of enterprises has its price, and this is primarily charged to the electronic infrastructure. Traditional storage via the server will incur costs for creating new storage space. But not only money, but also a lot of time have to be spent – two resources, which are usually rare. If company growth then comes to a standstill, or if there are some quieter times, companies are sitting on the cost of storage space they do not currently need. As far as this situation is concerned, cloud storage services can clearly stand out because the storage capacity varies according to the needs of the company and can be adapted accordingly. Thus, unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Professional support

With the booking of a cloud storage offer you get far more, so only the required storage space. Companies do not have to have their own know-how to maintain the chosen storage service or to manage data; instead, a professional team with the necessary knowledge in IT management takes care of it. The team ensures that the system runs smoothly at all times and provides support when problems occur. Companies do not have to worry about this and can devote themselves to the actual tasks.

Work from anywhere

Another significant advantage of cloud storage services is that employees have access to relevant data from anywhere, providing an intact Internet connection. This greatly increases the flexibility and productivity of employees.

Cloud Services

Improve workflow in the team

Collaboration within the team can also be strengthened by transferring data and the rest of the enterprise infrastructure to the cloud. This is the reason why team members can work together on projects on a stand-alone basis and remain on a continuous exchange and interact with one another via the cloud. To keep control of the workflow, it is also possible to determine which team members have access to which data.

Less office space for local servers

No need to reserve space on the server can have more impact than you would expect. Above all, it means that you have to use less office space – this not only saves expenses, there is also enough room for a table kicker, a new coffee machine and more.

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