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Mar 20, 2017

CMS developmentWhy would a company need a content management system? This is the first question that all must ask themselves to choose the best technology for your website. It is fair to say that the benefits of content management outweigh the disadvantages. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing a content management system (CMS). Regardless of technology, platform or vendors, companies are investing more in websites using CMS for the following reasons:

  • Improved multi-channel customer experience
  • Website redesign
  • Localization of content and presentation with targeted elements for specific local markets
  • Improved customer service
  • Increase in exchange rates
  • Launch of new e-commerce initiatives

Whatever your reason, here are some guidelines to follow when you plan for your content management system for your website and their profits.

Offer better customer service to your customers

Customers no longer use their computers or laptops to view your website. They use different channels and expect the same quality service for everyone.

Your content (message) travels through several formats and channels such as websites, emails, cellular and even, printed. If you do not schedule it accordingly, your messages will not be contextualized, and the experience you offer will fall flat compared to your competitors.

Provide a consistent and coherent message

Generate a consistent message to ensure trust, loyalty and credibility with your customers.

Reuse of content will be required. Plan to develop it once and reuse it across multiple channels.

The same approach is not necessarily appropriate for all

Your content needs attention when you set up a content management system but will also require improvements and attention throughout its lifecycle.

Your CMS will not be adopted by your employees and customers if you neglect your content strategy or do not plan for future changes.

One CMS alone will not do all the work

A CMS needs the support of other systems to help reduce the time to market products to encourage participation and create links with the shorter attention span of clients.

A CMS must communicate and integrate with other systems such as analytical systems, A / B and multiple-variable testing, customer management and many others.

Keeping things simple

Ensuring that your CMS remains simple is important not only during the development phase, but also during system maintenance.

Aim to maintain low maintenance costs and a short lead time to ensure success.

Evaluate the customer experience

Analyzes and tests are part of the life cycle of a GSC. Otherwise, how would it be possible to know what is not working for your website?

Aim to maintain low maintenance costs and a short lead time to ensure success.

Plan for the long term, but implement for the short term

Content management systems have several features and functionality. The best strategies consist of thinking short and long terms with specific delivery steps to guarantee success.

Put the emphasis on the customer experience and first complete the steps with the most profitability to avoid any change to the scope of the project if you lack focus.


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