Color structure — wondered what the heck is #0033FF ?

It is an attribute syntax with hexadecimal notation to describe the red, green, and blue values of a color, and optionally its transparency.

There are several formats you can use

6-digit notation. The format is #rrggbb, where rr is a two-digit hexadecimal value that describes the amount of red in the color, gg describes the amount of green, and bb describes the amount of blue. For example, #0033FF.

8-digit notation. The format is the same as 6-digit notation, except with two extra values for describing the alpha value, or opacity, of the color: #aarrggbb. For example, #990033FF.

There are also 3- and 4-digit notations for 8-bit color, but these are not commonly used.

Colors: #rrggbb

r, g, and b are hexadecimal numbers.


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