Create Share folder on remote machine through code
Oct 11, 2008

When you try to give share permission to folder on remote machine (i.e from your pc to //prakash-new/c$/test2) you can not do manually. Windows does not give you a Tab of Sharing in Folder properties.

You could achive that by below code.

using System.Management;

// ManagementClass managementClass = new ManagementClass("Win32_Share"); // For local PC

// replace "ssc"  to your remote server

ManagementClass managementClass = new ManagementClass("sscrootcimv2", "Win32_Share", null);

// Create ManagementBaseObjects for in and out parameters

ManagementBaseObject inParams = managementClass.GetMethodParameters("Create");

ManagementBaseObject outParams;

// Set the input parameters

inParams["Description"] = "Bhargav";

inParams["Name"] = "Bhargav share";

inParams["Path"] = @"c:Test2";//@"D:Test2Test3";

// in above path params "c:Test2" will take From SSC

inParams["Type"] = 0x0; // Disk Drive

//Another Type:

// DISK_DRIVE = 0x0

// PRINT_QUEUE = 0x1

// DEVICE = 0x2

// IPC = 0x3

// DISK_DRIVE_ADMIN = 0x80000000

// PRINT_QUEUE_ADMIN = 0x80000001

// DEVICE_ADMIN = 0x80000002

// IPC_ADMIN = 0x8000003

//inParams["MaximumAllowed"] = int maxConnectionsNum;

// Invoke the method on the ManagementClass object

outParams = managementClass.InvokeMethod("Create", inParams, null);

// Check to see if the method invocation was successful

if ((uint)(outParams.Properties["ReturnValue"].Value) != 0)


throw new Exception("Unable to share directory.");


Hope this will be of some help to you in your project.

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