Custom Business Application Development
Apr 29, 2017

Custom Business Application Development

Do you need a specialized team to create business applications?

We develop fully customized business applications

Enterprise apps are a resource increasingly used by organizations and companies because of the benefits they provide, as well as the widespread use of mobile devices and tablets among the population.

In addition, applications for companies open a multitude of possibilities both commercially and internally within the company itself.

At Prakash Software we are specialists in developing apps for companies on any platform, tailor made and adapted to your needs, in order to get the most benefit from a technology that is growing every day, and that is becoming an essential element for any business. From Prakash Software we help your company to enter the world of the apps, offering design and development services, project analysis, updating and maintenance of the application, advising your company at all times.

Do you need to develop an application for your company? Contact us.

Enterprise apps, the perfect accessory

Advantages of business apps in business environments

At Prakash Software we know very well the advantages and benefits that an app can bring to your business. We know how to design and develop apps that meet the goals set for your business. Here are some of the benefits of business apps:

  • Improvement of relationship with the client. A customer or consumer can communicate directly with your company through an app, which is a great loyalty tool. Also through the mobile applications can offer special offers or discount codes, ask opinions about your business and motivate the recommendation to other potential customers through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Increase sales. The e-commerce provides 24 hours accessibility to your products, facilitating the online purchase to your customers, offering a more business option to your company and increasing sales.
  • The best way to make your company known. With the help of an app, a customer can know your brand, the products it sells and technical data about them, as well as manuals, user guides or technical assistance. In addition, by means of GPS or Geo location, a user can find points of sale your articles and how to reach them.
  • Obtain data about your customers. New analytics and data tools make business apps one of the best options for collecting and analyzing data about users of your apps and customers in your business.
  • More effective marketing campaigns. That your company has an app increases the diffusion of the brand, granting a greater reach and power your marketing campaigns. It also provides more options to undertake online marketing strategies.

At Prakash Software we analyze your company to offer you a product of high added value and adapted to what you really need.

And what benefits can an app offer within my company?

We are currently living in the information age, where companies have offices and offices anywhere in the world. An app can help you manage this information efficiently, solving any difficulties that may arise and reducing costs:

  • More effective management. With an app you can control the invoices, payments and transactions that are made in the company online, no matter where you are.
  • Increased productivity. Workers at your company can save time and effort using an application that allows them to perform their tasks more efficiently.
  • Improvement of internal communication. Establish communication channels for the employees of a company, control the tasks they perform or their productivity from an application on a mobile device or tablet. In addition, an application of this nature can strengthen internal collaboration between workers.

We know the needs and problems that companies have today, helping you to find the best solution that meets your needs.

Aspects to consider when developing an app for your company

When we are ready to develop applications for companies, there are certain crucial aspects to consider in order for our apps to offer a real utility and present a good experience to the user:

  • It’s proven that apps with a fresh, original and innovative design have more downloads and better reviews than applications whose interfaces are less attractive.
  • Production, analysis and maintenance. Once the development phase ends and the app is published, it is very important to track and analyze usage, paying special attention to any failures that may arise, in order to undertake relevant updates.
  • User experience. An easy and intuitive use that offers a good user experience can make the difference between the success or failure of your application. In the same way and at the internal level of a company, an easy-to-use interface greatly increases employee productivity.
  • Multi platform. At present there are many mobile devices from different companies, which implement operating systems of the most varied. It is therefore important that the application for your company is available on most platforms, so that its use is as widespread as possible.
We also provide our services in Virginia, Washington, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin, Oregon, South Carolina, Maryland, Connecticut


  1. For application you need good team and expert developer because application development need lots of research and things for development. This is one of the best post you have shared here and it was really helpful.

    May 16, 2017 09:27

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