Deploy Office 365
Nov 4, 2017

Take advantage of all the benefits of Office 365 for a real increase in productivity.

What is Office 365 Deployment?

Office 365 is essentiaDeploy Office 365l all the applications that businesses already know and use on a daily basis, but with a cloud format that covers much more than the traditional version; With the implementation of this tool we bring business quality services to organizations of all sizes, such as online meetings, document sharing and business-grade email that translates into greater productivity and efficiency in business administrative processes.

Why with Prakash Software?

  • We are Gold Partner of Microsoft.
  • Our consultants are focused on the transfer of knowledge so that users learn to take advantage of the benefits of Office 365.
  • We carry out a technical and process survey to make an implementation plan focused on solving business challenges.
  • We work together with Microsoft step by step during the implementation and it is the brand that validates that our consultants perform correctly.
  • We have success stories that support our quality of service.
  • We developed a unique plan that allows 100% implementation times to be met
  • Being experts in all levels of infrastructure, we check that each client has the software and hardware tools for a successful implementation.
  • Our proposals are focused on saving costs and making the most of the resources, both financial and infrastructure.
  • We integrate additional services to improve the user experience and information security.


  • Each user can install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs.
  • You can make backup copies of your information and have access from anywhere.
  • You can use Office on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Large mailboxes that can send messages of up to 25 MB with high levels of configurable security, thanks to RMS that allows establishing policies for the information that travels.
  • Technical support from Microsoft; in addition, online response platforms for configuration and implementation problems.
  • You have a service level contract with 99.9% uptime, financially backed.
  • Simplified IT management that reduces infrastructure through the cloud platform used by Office 365.
  • It is possible to work with files from anywhere with or without an internet connection.
  • Reduce costs, since in some plans it is possible to pay them on a monthly basis.
  • Hold meetings online, scheduled or not, for a maximum of 250 participants with the screen, audio and video sharing; virtual blackboards, surveys, and shared notes.
  • It is a scalable service since it is possible to add users quickly just by buying an additional license.

Use cases

A more professional email solution for your business, with more security, privacy and business features.

Accelerates business decision-making by being able to access files and documents from anywhere.

When teamwork is essential, it is important to modify a single file without making several versions.

Work with tools that keep the information available and safe at all times with the Office tools, but with the mobility that the staff requires.

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