Develop Software Internally or Hire a Supplier?
Nov 10, 2017

Software Developmentonce you have made an in-depth analysis of the solutions offered in the software and applications market, and having fallen into the conclusion that your organization requires custom software development, the next decision to make is whether to carry out our project internally or else, we will delegate the development to a third party. We have already talked in this blog of the best practices in the selection process of software and apps suppliers, but this time we will address the issue of what should be taken into account to define if the software development project will take it out with the resources of the company (existing and/or incorporating more) or if the best option is to hire an expert. Current industry scenario Before entering into the subject, let us analyze briefly the current scenario of the software development industry, which is one of the fastest evolving due to its disruptive, innovative and at the same time complex nature. This is why important transformations have occurred in the development of software and applications, to mention some of them: • Languages and programming environments more sophisticated and powerful • “Agile” software development methodologies that reduce development cycles • The user experience is an important part in the design and development • Need for the software to work on different devices and operating systems • Infrastructure mounted in the cloud or hybrid (mix of cloud and on-site) The function and responsibility of projects such as the development of software and apps fall on the information technologies department or systems normally (regardless of who the internal client or the area that the software requires), and this is where we can go discerning if our response area and the entire organization have the elements, experience, and sufficient resources to face the challenges involved in the development and implementation of custom software. What does the Organization require for a successful development of internal software? As we already mentioned, the organization must be prepared in every way to successfully carry out an internal software development project , which in most cases represents an important investment and must minimize the risks to the maximum in order to generate a competitive advantage by meeting the needs of the business, while maintaining, growing and updating the applications. From the definition of the scope of the project, the responsible area must have experience in processes of definition of profiles, estimation, design, planning, development, monitoring, testing, etc. .; which must work in conjunction with the area that requires development (for example, the finance department or purchases more specifically). If specialized personnel is required to be hired for the software development project, is the internal (or external) area that provides talent attraction and retention services known and experienced in recruiting, interviewing and measuring the skills and skills that require these specific profiles? It is clear that one of the most important phases of the project is the selection and integration of the team that will work on it and an incorrect selection of staff can result in a significant loss of time and resources for the business. What advantages are obtained when hiring an expert provider in software and applications development? These advantages have been observed and verified by more and more companies that opt for this option, which in recent years has remained on the rise and it is expected that the trend will remain that way, displacing the internal software development projects. By having a specialized service from a third party, the Information Technology department has the opportunity to satisfactorily meet the operational needs of the company in which it participates and provide real value to the business, minimizing the risks in the operation due to the of incidents that affect infrastructure and technology services. This does not mean that you neglect or actively participate in software development projects, but the effort and time required to do so is much less than leading and managing a whole project. In all phases of the project, you must be present in order to ensure that the course you are taking is appropriate and required by the company. The (carefully selected) software development provider already has the specialized profiles for each function within the project, proven methodologies and sufficient resources to meet the expectations and needs of the client. These specialized providers must have certifications and portfolios of projects that guarantee the quality of their services. It is not enough for the expert provider to provide only the software development team. He must understand the client’s needs, be committed to his goals and be a guide in terms of technology and trends in the software and apps industry. In this way the client can access an optimal level of competitiveness while satisfying the needs of the end user, often left in the background. This option allows the organization that its people dedicate themselves and focus on their business, supported with the solutions provided by the experts in order to maintain and increase their competitiveness, A third option: mixed modality For certain types of organizations, the most advisable option is to combine their internal resources and support with software development providers. Taking advantage of the internal knowledge of the organization, its processes, its operations and its needs, the internal team can define and implement software development processes oriented to external development. In this way, the staff of the client beneficiary of the service manages and controls the development carried out by the external personnel, who, in addition to the development, collaborates with their vision and experience of their personnel, their infrastructure and their capacity for innovation and flexibility to adopt new trends and technologies. To mention a brief example of this modality: A company in collaboration with its supplier makes the design of the software and the supplier develops and implements it. Whichever option best suits the needs of the business, these reflections must be carried out thoroughly before making a decision on how to deal with the always exciting challenge of a software and applications development project. 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