Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise resource planning systems help the integration of business processes and systems, while reducing costs and mitigating risks. At Prakash, the enterprise resource planning solutions have the following traits and characteristics.

  • Security: Access rights and increased levels of abstraction
  • Costs: Easily and fluid programming
  • Management: Version controls, and software that help manage team effort
  • Scalability: Able to accommodate any number of clients
  • Portable: Changes in technology should not falter the IT enterprise solutions.

A sustainable competitive edge for the organizations is achieved by enterprise resource planning systems. Advantages like data collection at operational levels, forecasting and planning, comprehensive reports for managerial controls are accomplished by IT enterprise solutions.

Enterprise resource planning systems need a great deal of research on the ongoing and future functional aspects of a business venture. The unique requirements are doctored in the interests of the firm, in the development of IT enterprise solutions.

We follow the principles of software engineering in enterprise resource planning systems, and make the necessary inclusions as per the requirements. The general pattern is very systematic which has the phases of:

  • Understanding the problem definition
  • Mapping the requirements
  • Configuration as per needs
  • Ready the test system
  • Testing of the simulation model
  • Interface development
  • Data conversion, reports etc
  • Training and transitioning
  • Go live

IT enterprise solutions partnered with Prakash have benefits of

  • Extensive data coverage
  • Superb control standards
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Professional expertise
  • Tailored solutions to meet inimitable requirements
  • Service of the best consultants and technologists

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