Entity Framework 7 Beta Version 8 Launched

What is Entity Framework?

Entity framework is an ORM that generates business objects for enabling the crud(Insert/Update/Delete) operations.You could retrieve the data using LINQ.

Now the question would arise what is ORM.So answer to that is ORM is a medium for storing the data from objects to  relational database


Entity Framework Evolution

It all started with EFv1 with framework 3.5 in 2008

Next was entity Framework 4.0 which solved many problems of  previous version

Third version was 4.1 with code first wherein you can create your own classes according to your domain requirement.

Then came a minor update of Version 4.1 named Entity Framework 4.1 Update with bug fixes of previous versions

Then the further evolution involved versions such as 4.3.1, 5 ,6 and then marked the entry of EF 7




Entity Framework 7 takes many improvements in EF 6.0.But Still if you are using 6.0 we would not recommend it to upgrade it to EF7.0 because it has some limitations

The supported platforms for EF 7.0 are

  1. ASP.NET 5 applications
  2. Full dotnet application targeting 4. or above



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