Fixed Cost

One of the safest modes of outsourcing is the ‘Fixed Cost Outsourcing’. It is because of this reason that the fixed cost outsourcing option is one the most popular, widely accepted and respected approach.

The fixed cost offshore outsourcing is a very advantageous perspective for small and medium scale investments and ventures, as the pricing is fixed. This is acceptable, as the costs are decided well in advance, cancelling the possibility of any increase in costs at any point of the outsourcing.

Prakash is a software firm which collaborates with you in your business ventures and outsourced endeavors. In the fixed cost outsourcing, the advantages with Prakash are:

  • The fixed cost outsourcing model benefits the client with huge amounts of savings in large projects.
  • The delivery timeline as well as the total cost of production is well within the control of the client and can be altered only with the prior approval of the client.
  • Continuous and dedicated support of expert team throughout the outsourcing venture and even after successful deployment.
  • Another advantage of the fixed cost outsourcing is that you will be able to focus on the core areas of your business, and not continuously negotiate with the offshore development firms.
  • The fixed cost model is based on daily project study. Because of it, you can get unprecedented update about the happenings at the offshore outsourced ventures.
  • The fixed cost offshore outsourcing with Prakash comes with the advantage of the client interviewing and hiring a dedicated developer / team, as per the fixed costs which are discussed well in advance.
  • A weekly status report, on the happenings in the offshore fixed cost venture will be delivered to the client.
  • The fixed cost offshore venture limits the risks of the client. As the costs are predefined and pre negotiated, there is no question of increase in costs.
  • Fixed price outsourcing with Prakash improves ROI, a balanced supply chain and optimizes returns on investment.

Partnering with Prakash Software for Fixed price Outsourcing is a strategic tool for making business more productive, efficient and profitable.


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