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Mar 12, 2017

Hire Magento DevelopersThe development of Magento platforms is at the heart of our daily work. Choose a reliable development partner and you will have a dazzling and hassle-free future for all your e-commerce projects. If you are looking for a certified Magento development service, which is reliable, high quality and cost effective, Prakash Software is there for you.

We have extensive experience in Magento development and a brilliant team of certified Magento specialists who possess all the necessary skills in advanced development in the Magento Enterprise and Magento Community platforms.

Rest assured that our teams will deliver a stable, highest quality product that will be thoroughly tested and built to the highest Magento standards for performance, safety and up-to-date.

Advanced features for Magento

Our team can easily develop any functionality that will suit any business process. No matter its complexity, we can incorporate all the features you like. Ambitious projects with complex custom features are the ones we prefer.

We know how to create features that will not only help you improve productivity at work, but will also uncover unexpected capabilities.

Quality 100% Warranty

We pay great attention to quality by testing each page at the development stage as well as the publication. The end result will be perfect and hassle free.

Our processes are documented and constantly improved. We have a checklist, a knowledge base and a team of quality auditors who inspect your e-commerce thoroughly after each stage of development.

Magento integration with external applications

Our team has biggest experience in integration with external applications. During these time period, our team successfully integrated Magento with the majority of external applications:

  • New payment systems
  • Custom Shipping Methods
  • External Gift Certificate Systems
  • Markets
  • Blogs / Portals
  • POS systems (Point of sale)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • And more!

We are able to say that integration with external applications is one of our great passions and we can easily integrate any system to Magento.

Hire Magento Developers

Other development services for Magento

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also have experience in the following services:

  • Advanced multi-domain / Multi-store configuration
  • Development of the B2B portal
  • Consulting for architecture Magento
  • Installation and configuration of external application modules.
  • Implementation of semantic search
  • Development of customized payment modules (One Page payment, Amazon style payment)
Hire Magento Developers in California, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Illinois, Colorado

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