Hire Web Application Developers
Sep 5, 2017

Hire Web Application DevelopersApplication development

The development of applications and mainly business software for medium and large enterprises is the main pillar of the company’s activity. The ability and effectiveness of the company are certified by the application and consistency of all the software that the company has developed.

Prakash Software, with its deep knowledge of large IT projects, has developed and implemented a specific methodology for implementing projects and applications.

For us, the biggest and most important projects are those that ultimately delivered our products that make us stand out in the market. The methodology followed is chosen to maximize the performance of the solutions offered and strictly adhere to the timetables, and has been successfully tested in important facilities. It is common to all projects and is applied to the extent required by the specific characteristics of each project to ensure that the desired result is achieved. The following is a summary of the methodology followed.

The individual tasks necessary for the development – completion of a project are as follows:


At this stage, the business processes of the company are analyzed and the functional requirements of the system are determined. The purpose of this process is to accurately understand the business objectives and functions to be covered. One of the main advantages of the proposed solution is its ability to fully adapt to customer needs


The clear mapping of needs that took place at the previous stage is particularly important for the design phase of the project. The design of the points that have been recorded is done by the Project Manager of the company and aims at representing the needs that have been recorded, in functions, parameters, and results within the solution.


At this stage, the system is being parameterized as well as the development of additional functions in order to meet the requirements of the company identified in the previous stages. At the same time, the training of the main users of the system takes place.


At this stage, the final preparation of the system for starting the actual operation is done. It also includes pilot installation and debugging and system optimization checks. Upon completion of the project, the final users of the system are trained in cooperation with the company.

You Are Here To Decide Why You Made the Choice

Custom web application development:

  • Escalates business growth
  • Increases connectivity and even creates a sort of cyber- intimacy with your customer base.
  • Exposes your organization to a larger audience–easier, faster, and friendlier.
  • Provides long-term cost savings
Prakash Software Also provide Web Application Development Services in London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Glasgow, York, Cambridge, Nottingham, Cardiff, Oxford, Southampton, Leicester,

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