Importance of Search Function in Mobile App
Oct 4, 2017

Search Function in Mobile AppIn complex applications or very rich in content, the search function is required. There is no question of hiding it or neglecting it: it must be easy to find and easy to use so that mobile users can find what they are looking for as soon as possible.    

The importance of the research function

The search function has a fundamental role in applications that contain a lot of information. Rather than navigating through menus, users often prefer to type their query into the search bar and get an immediate response. If they are not provided with this possibility, they risk getting tired and disappointed by the application, eventually not opening it at all.

Visibility first and foremost

The first golden rule is visibility. Duty to seek the search function, it would still be a climax! To make it easily identifiable, report it by the unavoidable magnifying glass icon. The search field can also be displayed permanently for maximum visibility. In all cases, place your search function in a location where you expect to find it; on mobile, it is all at the top or at the bottom of the screen.

Mobile App Trends to Follow in 2017

Simplify search

The attack of requests must be thoroughly considered so that it is as clear as possible. Users are used to using Google, which provides extremely relevant results. It is, therefore, necessary to imitate the search engine by using two types of tools: automatic spell correction, which compensates for the very frequent errors of input on the tactile keyboards of the mobiles, and the predictions and suggestions, which limit the entry to the strict minimum. To save even more time, we will integrate a history of user searches, particularly useful in often open applications and e-commerce apps.

Smart results

When one gets too many results, one can quickly feel overwhelmed. It is, therefore, necessary to facilitate the task for mobile users, by providing them with sorting and filtering tools. Users can refine and organize their results quickly, and find their happiness without scrolling through several pages.

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