Installer for MS Office Addin
Feb 23, 2013

    1. Let’s say you have selected Word 2010 Add-in visual studio template to create an addin. Now you wish to create an installer for this add-in.
    2. Add a new Setup project to the same solution.
    3. In the setup Project, it has File System tab. Right click Application Folder and add Primary Output.
    4. For application level add-ins, the required registry keys are located under HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then trace down to SoftwareMicrosoftOfficeapplication nameAddinsadd-in ID. Registry keys and their description are given below:




Description REG_SZ This description is displayed when the user selects the add-in in the Add-Ins pane of the Options dialog box in the Microsoft Office application
FriendlyName REG_SZ A descriptive name of the add-in that is displayed in the COM Add-Ins dialog box in the Microsoft Office application
LoadBehavior REG_DWORD A value that specifies when the application attempts to load the add-in and the current state of the add-in (loaded or unloaded).By default, this entry is set to 3, which specifies that the add-in is loaded at startup.
Manifest REG_SZ The full path of the deployment manifest for the add-in. The path can be a location on the local computer (file:///), a network share (UNC), or a Web server (HTTP).If you use Windows Installer to deploy the solution, append the string |vstolocal (that is, the pipe character | followed by vstolocal) to the end of this path.Sample file:///[TARGETDIR]Office_Addin_Project.vsto|vstolocal

  1. In the setup project, Open the Custom Actions of the Installer
    1. Select the Custom Action Installer project in Solution Explorer.
    2. In the Custom Actions Editor, select the Install node. Right Click and choose Add Custom Action.
    3. In the Select Item in Project dialog box, double-click the Application Folder. Then select Primary output from Office Project. Then Primary output from Office Project appears under the Install node in the Custom Actions Editor.
  2. To ensure that any software dependencies are handled by Installation itself, right click the Setup project and open Properties. The click on Prerequisite button. Add the necessary software packages.
  3. Build and browse to the Debug directory of the Project. Copy the .msi and .exe, and all other files and subdirectories in the directory.

The bundle is ready to be delivered as Setup of the Word Add-in.

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