Introduction to Visio WireFrames Part -1
Jul 5, 2016

Visio WireFrames

Wire frames or virtual Design what we can say which comes in handy when we are starting new project Today I will guide you through how to create wire frame using visio Following are the steps that one should follow
  • Open visio
  • Search for wire frames
  • Select the wire frame option and click on Create
  • You would be able to see following screen
  • On the left side you would be able to see the controls you can drag and drop the controls to get started
  • You can search any control by clicking on search
  • You can then again drag and drop that control in your drawing area
  • You can then create your wireframe and go to File>Save as and save in any format you want
  Generally the visio wire frames are used to create website Wire Frames   We at Prakash Infotech believe in delivering quality and a smooth project delivery so we believe that wire frames are the most important  aspect.   You can Contact Us and we can show you demo of our works. In next blog I would demonstrate in more detail with an example of how to create a wire frame using some of the controls    

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