IOS 11
Nov 1, 2017

IOS 11Since last September 19, the followers of the iPhone and iPad have been able to adopt iOS 11. The new operating system mobile Apple improves the achievements of previous versions to deliver an ever experience easy, fast and flexible, thanks in particular to the keyboard Quick Type at multitasking, or drag and drop. The three major evolutions are however elsewhere: they concern the augmented reality, Siri and the Apple Store.

The ARKit, to democratize augmented reality

Apple, like other manufacturers, seems to have lost interest in virtual reality, too expensive and too complicated to implement. The Californian giant has instead bet on augmented reality with iOS 11, which offers developers a set of tools called “ARKit “. These tools can be used to create augmented reality applications that use all the sensors on the iPhone and iPad.

Siri is making progress

The personal assistant of Apple has changed: thanks to machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence, it is both more enjoyable and more efficient. His voice is more natural and expressive, and his visual interface has been improved. From now on, each query generates several results, always more relevant. Siri has also been successfully integrated into some third-party applications, such as Evernote or WeChat. In terms of languages, Siri started to translate: the assistant can translate sentences from English to French, Chinese, Italian, German and Spanish.

A redesigned App Store

With each new version of iOS, the App Store is making progress. But with iOS 11, the app store has made a big leap forward: it has been redesigned from the ground up to improve the user experience. The games and applications have been divided into two different tabs, the icons are larger, and the visibility of essential information, such as ranking or notes, has been enhanced. The change is not only aesthetic: the content of the shop has been enriched, with daily columns written by experts and selections of applications, available via the tab “Today “.

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