Microsoft Azure for your business

Microsoft AzureAdvantages of carrying your SME to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

The cloud services are transforming the IT departments of companies and thus the operation and structure of business for the multiple possibilities offered. The Cloud Computing is an innovative technology that aims to have all your files and information on the Internet, without having to depend on the capacity to store information.  Microsoft Azure is the cloud service of the American company and offers productivity unmatched.

What are the advantages Microsoft Azure for your business?

Cost reduction. The option Azure prevents the purchase and maintenance of hardware, which means savings in energy consumption, support and maintenance. IT costs of your company will be based on the capacity required at all times.

It is open, flexible and scalable. The cloud with Azure lets you increase or decrease power and resources of a server according to the needs of your business without capital expenditures.

Invest time and resources in your business only. The infrastructure as a service (SAAS) is application software offered entirely online, allowing you to free yourself from certain tasks to focus their efforts on higher – value tasks for your business.

Designed to protect your data. Your data and processes are protected by high security measures provided by Data Centers Microsoft, supported by the data protection authorities of the EU and the US.

Your data always available. The solutions are based virtual machines in a high redundancy infrastructure since at least the information will be in 3 physical locations. It allows you secure access to your data and service continuity. You can access all your information from any device.

New prospects for your business.  Microsoft Azure has service machine learning, allowing you to make smarter decisions, better serve their customers and discover new possibilities with available data.

Microsoft Azure available in minutes. Having this cloud service is fast, unlike purchase servers or other solutions classic internet providers.

In Prakash Software, as a partner of Microsoft, we can advise you on what you can do for your company Azure. Our solutions Cloud Computing are designed to help IT departments to maximize this model safely.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

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