Microsoft Dynamics AX Update
Nov 12, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics AXIn this update, the invoices stamp and the stamp of the payment complement are integrated, but the export complement that is expected to be integrated into a later update is left out, which does not yet have a date for its release.

This update includes the following catalogs:

  • Product or Service Key: It is created as a new catalog within the administration of the organization and later it is linked to the products through the catalog of outgoing products.
  • Unit Key: It is also created as an independent catalog within the organization’s administration and is linked to the units.
  • Postal Code: For this catalog, an independent one is not created in Microsoft Dynamics AX, but it is taken from the addresses that are configured within the system.
  • Tax: It is configured within the tax code of an existing listing.
  • Payment Method: A new catalog called payment method is created, integrated into the header of the invoice with the possibility of assigning a predefined payment method per client.
  • Currency: The information is taken from the currency catalog configured in Microsoft Dynamics AX. It should be noted that the ISO catalog is an international standard loaded automatically and matches the catalog used by the authorities.
  • Country Identifies with the country code set in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Tax Regime: A new catalog is created and integrated into legal entities.
  • Rate / Fee: It is defined in the tax code.
  • Type of Voucher: It is identified by means of the transaction that is made in Microsoft Dynamics AX (invoice, credit note or payment) and has the validation of maximums established in the current legislation.
  • Type of Factor: It is identified by the configuration of the tax codes.
  • Type of Relationship: This new functionality has been implemented by Microsoft as a “CFDI reference” to allow users to identify the different types of relationships between CFDI documents. Some of them are assigned automatically and in other scenarios, it will allow manual selection by the user.
  • Use of CFDI: A new catalog is generated and this information must be identified in the header of sales invoice transactions under the CFDI purpose field. You have the option to configure a predefined use per client.
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As we can see, only 5 of the catalogs are created as new tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX, while the rest of the catalogs are integrated with information that was already handled online. This with the intention of facilitating the use and compliance with the new rules for CFDI 3.3

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