mobile app 7 trends to follow in 2017
Sep 24, 2017

Mobile App Trends 2017Creating mobile app: 7 trends to follow in 2017

According to a recent survey, overall revenues for mobile applications increased by 962.5% between 2011 and 2017. It is estimated that with the support of the existing market and the new level of application usage, mobile applications will represent a $ 100 billion industry by the end of 2020. Given the rapidly evolving technologies, new emerging development trends are emerging today.

New hybrid technologies

Hybrid development technologies will grow and developers will be more likely to use tools like Ionic, AngularJS, PhoneGap, and Cordova for agile hybrid application development projects. The constant increase in the level of acceptance of hybrid tools can be attributed to the increasingly common BYOD or PAP practice. It has been predicted that applications for enterprise mobile applications will be 5 times higher than the developer’s production capacity. So how the developers will tackle this challenge, everything remains to be seen.

Security will be essential

Although technology is booming at a dizzying speed, the reality is that security threats have also increased. Features such as two-step user authentication for mobile banking have become commonplace. And that’s why developers are now invited to incorporate robust security features around their application. This was the case for iOS developers, but the security for the Android platform will always be a bit more random. Nevertheless, Google is working to use more granular authorization models and automatic security updates.

Focus on the Internet of Things

The potential for developing IoT mobile applications is enormous and there is no doubt that the market will increase by twice by the end of 2017. The integration of IoT / mobile applications was inconceivable, but it was before…

Increased GPS-based applications

If we observe the trend established by one of the most well-known game applications, Pokémon Go, we can add augmented reality to the list of trends that could shape the year 2017. There has already been an increase in demand applications based on the device localization feature. Such applications are already accepted in several sectors and the augmented reality will be beneficial for 3D game developers to increase the levels of engagement of their software.

Increasing interest in data applications

Programmers may be more cautious about maintaining the right balance between user-friendly interfaces and reliability in order to improve the capabilities of large data applications. It will not take long before you see land-based mobile applications that combine IoT, Cloud connectivity and large data processing capabilities.

Enterprise Application Development

Two factors explain the recent surge in enterprise applications. One of them is that they make it easier than ever to maintain interactions with potential and current customers. And with custom mobile applications for businesses, day-to-day management tasks will become much easier. An excellent example of mobile business application can be a CRM that will retrieve relevant customer information quickly and allow management a real-time sales statement.

Particular attention to the UI / UX

The importance of the UI / UX remains paramount because user experience has always been the biggest parameter for measuring the success of a mobile application. To make applications visually tempting and user-friendly, companies will benefit from the talents of designers. 2017 will witness some revolutionary trends such as split-screens, splash screens, micro-interactions and parallax effects.

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