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Apr 29, 2017

Are you loMobile Application Developmentoking for a company specializing in the development of mobile applications?

Mobile apps: a safe bet

Applications for mobile devices have gradually become a daily item within the business world. They are an ideal tool for all those companies that want to digiti ze or introduce themselves in the technological world and the Internet, as well as a perfect complement if your company is planning to launch a marketing campaign. If you want your customers to get an innovative and modern vision of your company, mobile applications are a safe bet. They help you differentiate yourself from the competition, gain potential customers, and also, can make work processes more effective within your organization.

If you need an application development company for mobile devices, Prakash Software is your best choice. We have years of experience in the industry, years that allow us to offer complete application creation services that cover all stages of development of your app with total quality and efficiency. Our team of designers and developers will work hand in hand with you to get the most professional results.

If you have an application project on hand do not hesitate anymore and contact us. We will advise you without any commitment.

Your mobile application development company

In Prakash Software we have been in the mobile applications sector. We have worked for countless clients, both private and large companies, giving the best of us in every project. Thanks to all this, we have extensive experience in the world of application development, and can provide added value of our services of creation of apps. We take full charge of all the processes of creation of mobile applications with total professionalism and creativity, so that you reach the objectives marked for your project in the most effective way. We cover a wide range of services within the mobile applications sector:

  • Development of cross-platform applications. Cross platform applications allow your application to reach a wider audience. Our company has designers and developers who put the maximum attention in all aspects of the creation of your app, adapting its development to any platform and devices you need.
  • Native apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Native apps, whether for Android, iOS or Windows Phone, allow more extensive use of mobile devices. They allow integrating a greater number of functionalities, ensuring a fluid and efficient operation from the beginning. We have developers specializing in the native development of applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, so that we can create applications for these platforms efficiently and working directly with the official development environments.
  • Web apps. These are applications specifically created for browsers, which do not need to be published to the Apple Store or Google Play. They offer fewer obstacles to develop your ideas and work in a similar way to what would be a web page, only specifically adapted to mobile devices. A web app can be an excellent resource when it comes to creating applications that can lead to complex validation processes in the different digital markets, or necessarily have to be available also from desktop computers.
  • Ad-games. Corporate video games are a type of key application for any company that wants to advertise on the Internet. With them, you can easily and effectively reach a large audience.  We have created numerous video games for mobile platforms, with excellent reviews among the public and customers.
  • Integration of any type of functionality. Mobile applications have many uses and allow integrating a great variety of functionalities. Our team of programmers has the knowledge to meet the most demanding set of requirements related to your application project. We can integrate communication systems with customers, proprietary databases of multiple technologies, e-commerce systems or any technology of your organization that needs to be connected to your app project.

What to keep in mind when creating an application

After a thorough analysis of the needs of your company, and with special interest in certain key elements of design and usability, we can ensure the success of your corporate application project. At all times, our specialists advise you in the decision-making process, in order to carry out your ideas with the highest quality and safety. These are the main aspects that we must take care in the development of applications for mobile devices:

  • An excellent user experience. User satisfaction is one of the most important points to take care of when developing applications for mobile devices. To do this, we must ensure that factors such as content, graphic design or the interface are sufficiently attractive and functional, so that they add value and satisfy the needs of our users.
  • Multiplatform adaptation. Due to the wide variety of mobile devices on the market, it is almost mandatory to adapt your application to the most important platforms of the moment. This adaptation effort will allow you to reach a larger audience. When launching a multiplatform application we have to take into account that the user experience is the homogeneous, regardless of the platform in which they use our application.
  • Attractive and functional design. A balanced and rational design is always an added value element for your application. Using fresh and original graphics can make your app more attractive to end users. The interface must have intuitive use so that users can use your app effectively without incurring frustrations that discourage them.
  • Development of quality software. We make sure that the programming phase of your application is perfect. Our professionals give the best of themselves in every project. In this way, we can offer a service of professional development and quality.
  • Track the application. After the implementation of your application and its publication in the main mobile application distribution platform, we started the app tracking period. We verify its correct operation and solve any incidents that may appear.

At Prakash Software we offer you our mobile application design and development services. We work with customized developments and completely customized. We study your company and your goals to offer results tailored to what you really need. We work hand in hand with you throughout the creation cycle of your app so that you get an application that exceeds your expectations.

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