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Oct 15, 2016

Android ios Apps developersWhy to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS with Prakash Software?

Mobile applications are replacing the use of websites and browsers. The already huge market of mobile devices continues to increase, the price of mobile devices falling at the time, as their power increases, people spend more and more time in their smart phones and high-speed internet and free appears everywhere. Perhaps mobile devices will soon become more popular than desktops. With the soaring popularity of smart phones and mobile devices, interest in the development of mobile applications is increases rapidly. Mobile applications are under any OS (iOS, Android, Windows), make it possible to implement certain functionality on the user’s device and solve different problems: they can be used to find out the weather, or the latest news, chat with friends on video, order a pizza, buy the necessary things in the Internet shop, manage accounts or even remotely control their home. Prakash Software works in many IT-sought-after destinations and offers services for the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. To create any of mobile application we have team of experts who embody projects of any complexity. The continuing growth in popularity of mobile devices leads to the need to develop mobile applications. Customers are increasingly abandoning the PC, giving preference to a more compact, but no less functional devices. Modern devices have the highest productivity. On smartphones established powerful and popular software like Android and of iOS as most of the mobile application is created just for them. Prakash Software is a mobile application development studio to order. Mobile Game Development Services Prakash Software always strives to offer its customers several options for project development. There is no exception in the creation of mobile applications. Depending on the purpose, the application can have the following form:
  • Utility. It helps the user to solve everyday problems. These include: viewing the weather forecast, alarm installation, a text editor, etc.
  • Corporate application. Optimizes operation of the company. The target audience can be both employees of the company, as well as customers and partners. The most striking example can be called mobile banking.
  • Content app. It is used by the media, online publication, and blogs. The challenge – a demonstration of the thematic information on mobile devices.
  • Game. The most demanding mobile application used for entertainment purpose. By playing a game man can rests, relaxes and becomes more loyal to different advertising messages.
Individual approach to each client allows us to create unique, not similar to each other’s projects. Development of applications for the iOS and Android is a priority in our studio.  Benefits of developing mobile applications in Prakash Software are: iOS Apps Development
  • Simplicity and Convenience
One-touch access to download is one of the basic requirements of users and will be your competitive advantage.
  • Perfect Interactivity
Games animation, GPS, and the ability to quickly connect to the camera for a long time will keep the visitor on the pages of your site.
  • Stable Growth of Loyalty
Easy interaction, simplicity and accessibility of the order form and / or purchase based on an understanding of the customer logic.
  • Enhance Your Company’s Image
Mobile applications and games increase the level of service, making it easy to access to goods and services, increasing sales and boosting profits of your business. The cost of developing mobile applications The cost of developing mobile applications is always individual and depends on the type of application, content, volume, complexity of user chains of action and other factors. Managers of our company will calculate the cost, given the complexity of the interface, functionality and design in a very economical.

Prakash Software Solutions PVT LTD. Offer wide range of services to their clients all over the globe. We successfully delivered projects i.e. software development, cloud computing solutions, SharePoint development solutions, mobile app development and Microsoft technology solution to our Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia Clients.

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