What is Onboarding in Mobile App?
Dec 1, 2017

What is Onboarding in Mobile App Design?

With the proliferation of mobile applications and the development of more and more advanced features, onboarding is becoming an essential step in the user experience. Discover the best practices of this essential process to the success of many applications.

Onboarding: to guide users

WHAT IS ONBOARDINGThe first impression of an application to the user is crucial: if it does not understand the operation of the application or does not immediately identify its interest, it’s a safe bet that he will open it any more never. A study by the company Localities shows that 22% of downloaded applications are used only once. Onboarding serves to combat this problem: it guides and accompanies users in their discovery of the mobile application when they open it for the first time. Tips, slideshows, and tooltips explain what an application can do, and how it can be used.

When onboarding is essential

Some types of apps are better for onboarding than others. This method will be used in mobile applications that require the entry of personal information to start, such as fitness and health applications. The goal here is to reassure users and explain to them what their data will be used for. Onboarding is also needed in innovative applications that use original navigation concepts and new tactile behaviors. Finally, there will also be a tendency to guide users in all complex and feature- rich applications, such as B2B applications.

Good practices of onboarding

Onboarding should in no way be mandatory, as some mobile users prefer to discover the applications by themselves. When designing mobile applications, you can insert a “pass” or “later” button, and explain how to return to onboarding if necessary. The features must be clearly explained, preferably in a fun and interactive way. It must be clear and concise, limit the content so that onboarding is not too indigestible, and do not describe the obvious features too.

It is also recommended to indicate the number of stages of onboarding, so that users know what to expect. Finally, onboarding should be used to avoid white pages, unattractive and engaging. For example, if a user has downloaded the Drop box application but is empty, onboarding tells them what will happen when they add a file.

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