Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Site
Jan 18, 2017

WordPress Speed Plugins6 Free Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Site

Site speed plays a very significant role in online business. It can boost or reduce the revenue of your online business, depending on how much time your site takes to load. There is a shocking relation between site speed and conversation rate, which is particularly true for e-commerce sites.

W3 Total Cache

With active over a million installations is W3 Total Cache one of the two most popular plug-ins in this list and at the same time probably the with most settings. The functions of the plugin include the caching of pages and contributions, CSS and javascript, feeds, search results and more. Accelerated mobile pages are also supported and the HTML, CSS and JS are offered. In addition, a CDN are used to media, theme files and WordPress to deliver itself. The hard disk, memory or CDN are offered as cache methods.

The many adjustment possibilities are as always advantages and disadvantages. If you are well-versed, then you probably also want to adjust more – for less savvy users, the many possibilities can be rather dissuasive.

Top WordPress Plugins

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache It brings also more than one million installations. The plugin generates static HTML files for the content that is displayed to all users who are neither logged in, nor written a comment, or viewed a password-protected post. The plugin provides cached files using either Mod_Rewrite, PHP, or legacy caching. Like W3 Total Cache, it offers the compression of pages as well as the use of a CDN.

WP Fastest Cache

Also WP Fastest Cache creates static HTML files of the contents and passes via Mod_Rewrite on them further. As with the previous solutions, a CDN can be used again and HTML and CSS can be output minimized – CSS and JavaScript files can also be combined. Gzip compression can also be activated. The cache is emptied when a page or post is published or deleted – there are other options for deleting the cache or exceptions. Compared to the previously mentioned plugins, WP Fastest Cache provides a very clear number of settings.

Multisite is not yet supported by the plugin. Image optimization, minimizing Javascript and more are offered in a premium version.


Clearer than Cachify it will not. It offers the cache methods database, hard drive, APC and memcached (on nginx) as well as the possibility to exclude logged in users from the caching and delete the cache with a new comment. Exceptions can also be inserted via user agents or page and contribution IDs, and a time in hours after which the cache expires. Also the minimization of HTML or HTML and inline javascript is supported.

CMS Web Developers

Comet Cache

In the free version cares Comet cache only to caching. It comes with options for the automatic emptying of the cache, the possibility of gzip compression and the exclusion of certain URLs. It advertises to have to be activated easily – the options for the best result are already preset. Of course, the settings can be changed. In the Pro version also logged in users can benefit from the cache, HTML, CSS and Javascript can be mined and combined, you can use a CDN and more. The Pro features can be viewed in the free versions as a preview.

WP Rocket

Unlike the previous plugins there WP Rocket only paid version – one year of support and plugin updates free for a site 39 dollars. The plugin brings a crawler, which can build the cache without having to make a real visitor. In addition, lazy loading, minimization of HTML, Javascript and CSS, gzip compression and more can be used. Among other things, the plugin offers DNS prefetching, support for CDNs, optimization of Google fonts and delayed loading of scripts.

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