Business Case
Customer need portal where he can manage Microsoft azure features like managing resources, Subscription usage details, graphically representation of usage data, prediction about billing cycle, etc. from a single portal. CCP is portal where customer can find these all functionality along with some of new custom features.


Visual Studio 2015
Net Framework 4.5.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Microsoft Azure – Storage, Application Insights, Cache
Angular Js
Office 365 API integration
Azure API integration
The technical objective is this system to provide a showcase true cloud based platform using Microsoft Azures API with office 365 Integration.

Office 365 reports for mailbox usage, Client type, etc.
Manage data entitlement wise.
Provide pre consumption analysis based on region and resource type.

PSSPL provides robust technical solution considering business criterial and futuristic technical platform such as –
1. Azure cloud – for hosting and storage
2.SQL Database – for Scalability and robust OLTP to cater heavy load
3. Implement REST API based solution that leverages Azure programmability [Azure Pack, Azure Stack and others]; implement iOS, Android and Windows Phone client apps that consume the built REST API to enable Azure programmability based feature values on mobile platforms.
Keeping central REST API decreases overall TCO and enables smoother revolution / upgrades of the solution upon revisions / upgrades from Azure programmability without rolling out new consumer application version unless absolutely needed.
4. Azure management API integration – provide insights to azure subscription by giving details about unused resources, consumption, pre consumption analytics data, billing details, operations on azure resources – manage multiple azure subscriptions from single portal.
5. Manage user entitlement and manage user allotment between entitlement.

6. Office 365 API integration – provide customized details reports about office365 mailbox and its usage and many more.
7. POWER BI– Provide custom reports using Power BI to get multiple subscriptions, notifications and many more reports – anytime, anywhere.

This is the main user facing website used staff of an organization and customers on Operations, Notifications and Analytics –

  • Add multiple azure account of different tenant.
  • Add default region and currency.
  • Provide insight of last day usage cost.
  • Provide insight of usage between given dates.
  • Provide insight of usage between given dates based on resources.
  • List of unused resources of subscription.
  • Estimate monthly cost between given dates.
  • Operations on azure resources – start/stop/delete resources.
  • Price calculation of resources.
  • Provide Pre consumption analysis.
  • Reports integration: mailbox usage, connection by client type, CsP2PAVTime, connection by client type detail.
  • Manage Entitlement
  • Entitlement allotment
  • Entitlement dashboard allotment analytics
Pre-mature subscription expiration
1. Send Email before subscription expire
2. Renew subscription notification
Anytime, anywhere (Integration with power BI.) custom reports.
1. Billing Predictions – current usage
2. Pre-consumption cost analysis