Accommodation Booking System

Accommodation Booking System

Business Case

The client needed an application to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to hotels, Vacation Rental, Apartments, Homes, Villas, Rooms for Rent by Owner. User can easily upload his space on website & Receive bookings through website. Customer can book easily accommodation on special rate.


Microsoft SQL Server
ASP.NET Web form
.NET Framework 4.5
Technical Objectives
1. Design & develop a website for the accommodation booking system.
2. An easy-to-use for hosting a space on website. The perfect solution for B&Bs and small to medium-sized hotels. Easily accessible anytime and anywhere.
3. Easily manage and edit guest details, bookings and availability.
4. Manage customer & it’s booking from admin Panel.
5. Customer can synchronize property price calendar.
PSSPL Solution
We provided a solution wherein host can upload his properties with all necessary details. Host customer can also add special basic rate and special rate on seasonal basis.
Strong Verifications policy so that every new customer is passed from validation cycle before property listing on website.
Easy-to –use and booking with best user interface.
Import & Export property price calendar that would help to customer can avail this feature from other website.

1. Easily utilization of free space.
2. Accommodation rates can be controlled better and reservations can be increased directly from website.
3. Customers can be provided various options and incentives (including freebies at gyms, restaurants, spas and other facilities) while making online bookings.
4. Guests can be provided a virtual tour of the hotel on the hotel website, thereby giving them a better idea about the actual property.
5. Guests can review comment and past customer usage experience that make customer better decision for booking.