Aircraft Management System

Aircraft Management System

Business Case

The client is looking to develop an in house application which will allow them to run the day to day task related to their business and move from a paper based system to online system.
Clients was using manual work for ordering process/Maintenance process in offline Microsoft excel file to store their business data.
They were maintaining different files for different client/Airline company. All of these data files were disconnected and independent of each other.
They also needed advanced filtering, and sorting facilities on these data; along with dashboard facility containing various widgets showing useful information related to work order & Task.
These lead to number of issues such as maintaining track of the task, the inability of companies to apply a systematic approach to their business, resource management etc.


.NET Framework 4.5
Microsoft SQL server 2012
Technical Objectives
  1. Design & develop a web portal for the Aircraft
  2. Manage work order & Tasks flow of business, so that all details of a job are handled. All the proper paper work is now replaced by online web portal thereby converting their physical work order  to machine handling system.
  3. Tablet Application for Engineers, for better tracking of each tasks and live reporting to customer.
  4. Visual approach for air craft layout & it’s configuration
  5. User Experience – to closely align with real time process for Work orders
PSSPL Solution
The possibilities of Aircraft Maintenance System are close to infinite. PSSPL has designed a solution so that client can monitor everything from Aircraft maintenance activities work order tracking, Engineer’s Task progress, standard format form generation, Job and Work order summary and much more! It will also provide access to all the electronic manuals such as the Aircraft maintenance manuals, the training manuals, etc. All this information can be made available to authorized users from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
Aircraft Maintenance System solutions deliver essential business web platform through progress tracking, reporting and forecasting features, thus providing powerful insight and control over the operations.
1. Eliminating most of manual processes

2. Any time, Any location, Any device – access to key information

3. Ability to fetch progress of current job / work order, documents / reports for current / past jobs / work orders Visual approach for air craft layout configuration

4. Ability to customers – to allow access to portal – easy to track and feedback.

5. Manuals – available at fingertip while working on job.

6. Increased productivity and getting a more work done without having to look for manual paperwork for task and manpower schedules.