Container Management system


Business Case

Customer is in aviation ULD maintenance service business. They used to execute their operations in total manual and paper based approach, which increases overall cost and time to render the service apart from restricting growth. They wanted a software solution which eliminates human labor cost and establishes data traceability to eventually enable low cost, scalable operations apart from transparency with customer and better customer service.

PSSPL Solution:

PSSPL designed and delivered Azure cloud based solution comprised of web and Android Tablet based applications for the business problem statement with utmost value proposition.

  • Azure cloud based Enterprise System – Tailored For ULD maintenance service operations
  • Android Tablet App and Web Interface Powered by robust REST API architected and deployed over Azure
  • Service lifecycle for all offered services – Repair, Storage, Rebranding, Leasing
  • Parts store – along with inventory management
  • Tablet app – for technicians and drivers to execute their tasks and report time spent through timers
  • Reports – extensive reports generation along with csv and PDF exports
  • Analytics – dashboard with key business statistics and trends to identify bottlenecks in seconds
  • Payroll module to handle wages with least efforts
  • Automated invoice generation and sent through customer portal