Project Management Platform

Business Needs

A website for managing request regarding research or say any area where client wants guidance. This is built for advisor’s company to automate system start from – initiate request by client of any need – to – assign experts of his/her preferences. When client request for any expert, system search experts from vast amount of data and provide users expert according to clients demanding skill and other criteria.

Technology Skill Set

LexisNexis API integration
MVC 4.0
Microsoft SQL Server
Lecene .net
Docusign integration
Technical Objectives
  1. The technical objective is to provide a scalable search tool that searches experts from the vast amount of database of the system using lucent search.
  2. It provides facility to store expert data and also integrate lexis nexis as the data source to find experts from the system.
  3. The system is integrated with DocuSign to have a contract with client and experts of the system.
  4. It also supports the workflow of the user of the system.
  5. Client can share their roles; assign their task to their assistant or end users using the system
  6. The client can initiate a request with different criteria according to his choice and timings of his/his collaborators to whom he wants to include.
  7. From this system, the client can search experts of his need. He can select experts and send the request. It supports to create experts and allow them to view requests and allow giving their availability.
  8. It supports Contract management system for company’s Director, main legal contact, and client; They can involve in this module. Director, MLC, and user can download, upload contract document to PMP system. Once the contract is finalizing it will be uploaded to DocuSign by MLC of the company. Then both parties – client and Director of the company sign the contract using DocuSign API.
  9. This system searches experts on any domain i.e healthcare from worldwide. The user can submit a request of searching experts thru PMP web application. According to research request of getting experts and criteria, the expert is searched and saved from this module. Expert is of type employee or executive or type of healthcare domain.
  10. The user can view the results, filter, and sort and can create the distribution list. S/He can send email to contacts of distribution list using proper code snippet and template.
  11. It supports custom serialization and deserialization to allow fast retrieval of records.
  12. The user can create company list by searching companies according to criteria of the company i.e. company name/ticker/company types/city/state/country/company size/SIC codes. User can search experts of created company list; send proposal to fulfill this requirement
PSSPL Solutions
PSSPL provides robust technical solution considering business criteria and futuristic technical platform such as

  1. SQL Database: for Scalability and robust OLTP to cater heavy load
  2. Lucene .net search: for Scalability and robust data search over the vast amount of data.
  3. Web UI and Mobile friendly responsive layout
  4.  LexisNexis API integration to search experts from worldwide
This is the main user-facing website used staff of an organization and customers

  1.  Lucene Search
  2. LexisNexis
  3. Docusign API Integration
  4. Manage To-do and To-Delegated Tasks
  5. Workflow Management
  6. Contract Management