Sustainable I

Have you ever asked yourself, “How sustainable am I?” Calculate your water and carbon footprint, see how you compare to others and accept challenges to make a personal contribution toward a more sustainable future.

How this works

Fill in information on the footprint of your daily activities for each category to receive a score measuring your impact. Accept different challenges from SustainableI™ to improve your score.

The SustainableI week
Calculations are based upon a 7-day week, starting from the first day you enter details. You can update your information at any time, if you make changes. The calculation will continue to include the 7-day week.


Your score

SustainableI™ calculates your impact, providing an overall score and a breakdown of your water and carbon footprint in comparison to other users. Not satisfied with your score? Accept challenges improve.

Accept a challenge

SustainableI™offers two types of challenges. A standard challenge helps you permanently improve the impact of your daily activities. Sounds difficult? Start with a bonus challenge that makes you try a small change for a day. It may be the start of something more lasting. Remember, every challenge you successfully complete makes a difference and positively impacts your score.