Aircraft Maintenance Tablet App

Business Needs

The client was looking forward to develop an in-house application which would allow them to perform their day-to-day tasks. This project is for the Android mobile application. The application was developed so that the user can execute their task and log the same even if they are in offline mode (i.eInternet is not available). Initially, the client was using Microsoft Excel to manage data related to Ordering Process/ Maintenance Process.

Technology Skill Set

  •  Java Programming Language
  • SQL Lite
  • Background Service
  • Rest API

Technical Objectives

  1. Offline sync functionality
  2. Task status identification based on the color of the timer
  3. Real-Time Messaging system
  4. Parts Management
  5. Real-Time Aircraft Layout showing the task status
  6. Reopening of the task that is mark as a done
  7. Document sync functionality

PSSPL Solution

  1. Android Tablet  with Offline Support for some of the modules
  2. Summary Screen so that user can have a glance at the pending Tasks, Sync the task, Parts, and documents
  3. One click syncing functionality so that there is no loss of data
  4. Color code based task progress with an automatic update to the web interface /application. Following are the color code for the same.
    • White-Not started
    • Blue-In progress
    • Yellow-Pending
    • Green-Completed
  5. CMM documents were displayed at one place for quick reference.
  6. The visual aircraft layout for a technician to identify exact task detail with respective resources
  7. Messaging Module – Where user can see the messages received and also can reply to that message with the option of attaching files to the same.
  8. The user would also be able to add maintenance and part Request with the option of attaching multiple photos to the part Request.
  9. Online user manual which was made accessible to the user within tablet application


  1. Eliminating most of the manual processes.
  2. Any time, any location, any device – access to key information
  3. Ability to fetch progress of current job/work order, documents or reports for current/past jobs, work orders, visual approach for aircraft layout configuration
  4. Customers can easily access the portal to track the status and give feedback
  5. Manuals – available at fingertip while working on job
  6. Increased productivity, getting more work done without having to look for manual paperwork for task and manpower schedules

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