Barcode Scanning Application

Business Needs

Client managing all the records for their gardening products manually on paper which made client life difficult when we consider it on a large scale. So the initial idea was to develop the application that would replace this manual work.

Technology Skill Set

  • Android Studio
  • Scandit barcode scanner

Technical Objectives

  1. Barcode Scanner Integration for scanning the products
  2. Scandit API integration
  3. Automatic Printing functionality

PSSPL Solution

  1. We developed an application that helped the client to upload the products using barcode scanning also he can add the products manually.
  2. Automatic Printing with an option to configure the settings of the print


  1. Application developed by Prakash helped him to increase the productivity of client’s employee as it saved lot of time
  2. Option of copying same data so that user does not have to enter all the data

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