Handyman App – Jobs on call

Solution Brief

There are two applications one for the user and other for the vendor The user can book a service which can be plumbing, AC repairing, Electrical Work etc at their convenient time. They can also call the vendor for which we have integrated Sinch API. The vendor can accept the request from the user.The user can book slots of 30 mins each.The vendor would be able to see user location on maps. Once the vendor has done his job and if the user thinks that it still needs some changes then the user can reschedule the job.

The flow of the User application 
  1. The user would login in or register. The user would be able to do the same via Facebook
  2. He would be able to see the list of all the services
  3. Clicking on which he would be able to see the details of that particular service
  4. He can book the service immediately or he can select a particular time (Book now or later )
  5. Then the user would be redirected to a map screen where the GPS would locate his current location and user can book the service for current location
  6. Once the distributor accepts the request he would be able to see the real-time navigation on his screen
  7. After the user has availed the service he can mark the service as OK
The flow of the Vendor  application 
  1. The vendor would be able to login to the application
  2. He would be able to see the list of pending request
  3. Clicking on which the details would be displayed on the map
  4. Vendor needs to confirm the service request
  5. Once he has confirmed the service distributor would be able to start the service
  6. Notification would be sent to the user whenever distributor would start the service.Here user would be able to see the estimated time to reach the destination
  7. There would be separate screens for notification, successful request  and profile

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