ULD Management Android Application

Business Needs

Client wanted Software solution design spawned across Tablet Application and Web Based interface with key objectives being – Overall cost reduction of operations by reducing manual efforts involved in execution of jobs, Data trace-ability, system generated least laborious reports, executive analytics along with visualizations, notifications for key aspects that require attention increase throughput by at least 30% with same resource / infrastructure cost.

Technology Skill Set

  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • SQLite
  • Rest API
  • Azure Push Notification

Technical Objectives

  1. No log of any activity of container flow – from DT – Assessment – Repair – Inspection – Release. All are manually.
  2. Per month hundreds of containers repair and stores but as manually processed its take ages to find out if any customer inquiries come up to get report for same.
  3. Manually invoice management as per storage and repair done during month and under contract and customer.
  4. Offline and online sync with web application
  5. Activity Log Management
  6. Calendar Integration

PSSPL Solution

PSSPL created an android tablet application with following functionality
  1. Job inception stage – create job initiation entry along with all the details like pickup and drop locations, schedule of the pickup, the driver assigned. Display of all pickups over a calendar-based view. Notifications/reminders at Tablet application to respective drivers. Automated Pickup card generation. Tablet-based pickup card fill up. Reduction in wait time of drivers through system based notifications/alerts.
  2. Job assessment stage – tablet based assessment process for repair, store categorization along with damages/fault entry through container graphical layout based annotations for SCCR, BBR, T, MS, HL.
  3. Job execution stage – tablet based worksheet management functionality along with supervisor approval/authorization.
  4. CMM / Process documents management – upload revisions, accessible at the tablet and web application at fingertip for all staff members – anytime anywhere. CMM document would be available to technician online during repair.
  5. Storage cycle management – tablet based storage booking in sheet
  6. Automated EASA Form generation on repair done.
  7. Driver ticket creation with different color code for status
  8. The functionality of creating an assessment for the ULD
  9. Assessment detail management with the option of selecting the next action
  10. Calendar integration for showing allocation
  11. The functionality of categorizing job as Repair or Storage
  12. Time Tracking for each of the employees with the punch in and punch out functionality and also the employees would be able to add his timesheets and also fill miss pinch request
  13. Creation of ULD movement
  14. Creating a job sheet of inspection
  15. Creation of Task Action detail with the option of adding details about the parts used and also the option of accepting and rejecting the job
  16. A detailed listing of the inspections based on the status
  17. Beyond Economic Repair Management – Controlling a threshold amount beyond which the repairs request should not be processed
  18. Functionality to add part budget
  19. The user would be able to see if a particular resource is available to take more task or not


  1. Automation of their manual process meant that their time was saved and hence increasing their efficiency
  2. Keeping track of each and every part was made easy
  3. Employee tracking was just a click away
  4. Paper work was reduced to Nil
  5. With a step by step execution automated process it made their daily work process smooth
  6. The application was accessible even in offline mode eliminating the need of internet all the time
  7. Tracking of parts used during repair stage was made easy
  8. Access to CMM documents was just a click away

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