Azure Subscription Management App

Business Needs

Taking up “Mobile First Cloud First” with high transformation perspective, there is a huge potential to extend it to “Mobile Cloud First” – a dimension of solutions where cloud management and analytics are availed on mobile platform –  So to keep track of Azure subscriptions we developed this application

Technology Skill Set

  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • Office 365 Management Activity API
  • Azure AD Graph API

Technical Objectives

  1. Implement REST API based solution that leverages Azure programmability
  2. Implement IOS Application that consumes the built REST API to enable Azure programmability based feature values on mobile platforms.

PSSPL Solution

  1. Dashboard wherein you can select Azure accounts and all the details would auto populate
  2. Prediction with Credit detail based on the date selected by the user
  3. All the subscription would be displayed under one roof
  4. Daily Trend Analysis with the help of graph
  5. Resource-based credits stat based on the date selected by the user
  6. Activate /Disable/Delete azure accounts
  7. Subscription-based Resources details with the status of each one of them
  8. Following Reports were included
    • Mail Box usage detail
    • Connection by client type
    • Connection by client type detail
    • CsP2PAV Time
  9. Notifications for total credits remaining


  1. All Azure subscription details resided under one roof
  2. Better resource management
  3. Nice UI makes easy for the user easy to use the application

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