Event management Application

Business Needs

Client wanted to create a system which can allow him to track the news event happening across his country. He wanted a smart solution available at his fingertips which can help users to inform the citizens/police of his country about the events happening in his area

Technology Skill Set

  • Xamarin Forms (Android and iOS)
  • C#
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Push Notification
  • Azure Mobile Services

Technical Objectives

  1. Tracking of events
  2. Access based permission
  3. Map integration for tracking of events
  4. Multilingual Support- We provided support for French and English language

PSSPL Solution

We developed a Mobile application with following functionalities in it
  1. User access / Permission access based on the login
  2. Integration of social Media Authentication with Azure Mobile Service
  3. List of all the event with the functionality of filter based on crime, Road Safety etc.
  4. Client would also be able to see the list of events created by him with the total number of views on the same
  5. Map overview of the events for a nice look and view and a quick glance of all the events created
  6. Adding new events with an option of auto-populating the address based on the place selected on map
  7. A statistics page which would show the number of the events created as per the categories
  8. Adding comments on the events created
  9. Functionality to mark the client as “abuse” was included to curb junk data/event
  10. Functionality of adding a customer and setting the status of the customer
  11. Configuring the event as a “Visible” event or “Invisible event”
  12. Option of setting the date till which the event would be shown publically
  13. Option of setting the status of the event as “Private” or “Public”
  14. Client can also reactive an event if it is deleted or not active
  15. User can add event and share with all users and contacts. Based on selection that user will get notification.


  1. Customer is now able to manage all his catalogue online at the reach of clicks.
  2. Customer’s revenue and leads generation has increased after getting an online store.

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