Charity Jobs Management System


UK based client came up with a concept for senior citizens in UK to make their day to day life easy with association of charity concept. He was looking for a solution where he can provide an environment for old age people who can call and ask for handyman service or pickup service.

The solution was derived using Yii Framework, MySQL, and JQuery. Solution was targeting specific client’s need such as inquiry management, driver & handyman database, worksheet management and custom reports. System was created in a robust way which can handle live inquiries from customers and can fetch the data upfront for any existing customers who have already stapled inquiries. Time management was the crucial task for the system in a way appointment should be taken care by the system for handyman which must not conflict with any other job, and the driver/handyman can serve the need in best possible way with single inquiry at any point of time.

Associated people with this service such as drivers & handyman were only covering the expense of their transport and not targeting the profit which made this solution charity friendly.

Senior citizens could benefit from this service for any urgent assistance needed by just one call away.


Yii Framework