Azure AD Apps Tool

Business Needs

The client is looking for developing an innovative solution wherein the O365 user has access to the majority of the things from azure active directory he belongs to. The client also knew and was using other sites that could accomplish thing up to certain manner, but as we know customization is the key to success nowadays, and as the client also needed to have the application more appealing and user-friendly as far the design and user’s accessibility is concerned. With that, the client also needed to have other much-needed functionalities of their own to be incorporated into the system.

Technology Skill Set

  1. JQuery/JavaScript
  2. .NET Framework 4.5.2 C#
  3. ASP.Net MVC 5.0
  4. Microsoft’s Graph API Integration
  5. HTML 5.0

Technical Objectives

  1. Design & Develop an application for managing Azure Ad Services
  2. Listing of application present in the Azure AD to which the User have access to
  3. Launching of application listed on the page for the logged in the user.
  4. Checking the accessibility of the application to all the users
  5. Edit/View the profile of the logged in user

PSSPL Solution

  1. PSSPL has provided an all-rounder and robust solution considering and understanding the business perspective and requirements as laid down by the client.
  2. Azure AD – For fetching & accessing the information
  3. Microsoft’s Graph API Integration with the system
  4. Allowing the users to view the profile and updating the details from the same
  5. User-friendly and user-appealing application with the more clear flow of things.


  1. Giving more functionalities as actually needed by the client.
  2. User-friendly and more appealing web application
  3. The ability for the user to access the Azure AD features and functionalities.
  4. Access to information from anywhere, anytime

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