Azure Remote Apps

Business Needs

We developed a windows desktop application “Video Copy Manager” for the client. The client wanted to avoid installing this application on each and every user’s machine. What they wanted is that by installing this App in one Location, that App should be accessible to every User.

Technology Skill Set

  1. Azure Management

Technical Objectives

  1.  Install Custom App in One Location.
  2. Provide Access to Users.
  3. Allow Users to Access that App.

PSSPL Solution

We use the feature of Azure Remote App. We created a Remote App with own Virtual Machine Server. Then we install that App on that Server. After that, we provide Access to that App installed on that Server so that User can access the App with this Remote App. Users who want to access that App, needs to download Azure Remote & after installing that App on his/her Machine. He/She will be able to access that App.


  1. No need to Install App on every Machine.
  2. Accessible to all the Users at one moment.
  3. Platform independent.
  4. Device independent.
  5. Easy Accessible anywhere.

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