PowerBI App

Business Needs

The client has complex sales excel report which usually takes a week to be prepared. The data in the report is being calculated from other sheets in the workbook whose data are being fetched from a SQL database. The database is unmanaged and not Normalized.

The significant needs are:

  1. Design a new mechanism to prepare the report which is comparatively easy and quick.
  2. The report should be self-explanatory and the one which could be easily analyzed.
  3. Enable advanced filtering/sorting options on the report.

Technology Skill Set

  1. Microsoft ® Power BI Desktop Tool
  2. Microsoft ® Power BI O365 App
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  4. Azure Database Sql Server 2014
  5. Microsoft Excel

Technical Objectives

  1. Analyzing the excel report – Identifying the formulas and references in the report sheet, and identifying the inner calculations within the report.
  2. Identifying Database objects – Exploring the database provided, identify the tables and its columns from where data is fetched.
  3. Structure the data as per the excel report- Recreate the data in some reporting tool which is similar to the excel reports.
  4. Create Visualizations to Analyze the report.

PSSPL Solution

  1. PSSPL proposed to use Power BI capabilities to which is powerful analyzing and reporting tool.
  2. Recreated the data in the report using SQL queries and prepared database objects that are similar to the sheets in the original workbook. These objects were imported to Power BI and were processed further.
  3. Successfully replicated the complex excel report in the Power BI and added various visualization like pie chart, bar chart, stacked bar charts
  4. Complete Dashboard including all the visualization as separate tiles.


    1. The Power BI App is a powerful reporting and analyzing tool that can be used to dive deep into the complex data and get useful business information
    2. Allow only refined data to be displayed, abstracting useless redundant data and create beautiful visualizations out of it, which helps make decision making clear and fast.
    3. The client was able to drill down its reports and transform the report to the level he wants it to be displayed.

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